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Class 304.16.11

Today was practice exam 2 day.  I didn’t improve much, I went from 152 to 153.  I worry once more that I am hitting a knowledge wall.

Two big tip that I got from class today, in which we covered mostly Logical Reasoning:

1) Always read the question first.

2) When in doubt, try to find all the wrong answers first.  It is much easier to prove things false in general.

The book LSAT Logical Reasoning Bible tells you to definitely NOT read the questions first because you’ll end up wasting your time trying to remember the question when you should be trying to understand the stimulus.  I feel like knowing the question first teaches me how to be a better active reader.  I like knowing ahead of time if I should be looking for a conclusion of some sort or supporting information first.

We went over last weeks test to answer and questions people have.  We’ve been getting  a steady stream of logic games homework that we also worked on.

I powered through the remaining third of The PowerScore LSAT Logic Games Bible because I really wanted to share it with a couple of my classmates. I love the class, but I feel like the structure of book is a bit better at teaching logic games.  The thing to watch out for with the book is all the rules can get a bit more complicated than it needs to be. Steven tells you not to sweat the little details too much, read it and mark it for checking back on later.

One thing you have to note about this prep course is that Steven likes to use examples based on students’ lives, this makes the subject a little more interesting to study, but at the same time, we can go way off topic at times.  This really bugs one of my classmate, he’s a young college student with his college-studently life so he has a lot of other things going on.  I’m fortunate enough that while I have some things going on, going to law school is my focus, so I don’t mind the going off topic.  For my classmate he said he would so much prefer if the teacher cuts the chitchat so that class is much shorter so that he can save that time for his many interests.

So if you are a student overloaded with things you have to do already, you might not like Steven Klein’s class that much.  Again, I like him just fine, I think his class is interesting for me, but he definitely does not follow a rigid schedule.  If you need that in your life, maybe consider another class.

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