Class 2

Posted in Prep Course on Apr 09, 2011

Saturday of class 2 was our first practice timed exam.  It was 3 hours long, containing only the scored sections and no written section.  The test was from 9 to 12 then class from 1 to 5.  The boyfriend brought it up to me that is must have been an incredibly long day that felt like it would never end because that’s how he felt back in his college days.  It’s not.

I remember undergrad school, even on two hour days it felt long.  I wanted out, I was only going to school to get that piece of paper coming between me and my first real job.  Attending school in mid-thirties is a privilege. I wanted to go back to school to learn. Class felt really short.

The thing that I picked up from Class 2, even though it was mentioned in the first class, use a highlighter on your test.  You are allowed pencils, sharpener, eraser and a highlighter.  This class recommends that you bring a highlighter, preferably one that is a bit more legible (I use a purple one) to diagram the charts for logic games.  This way, as you proceed through the game, you can erase the chart and reuse.  The book said NOT to do this because it’s time consuming to erase, plus you might be able to use the charts for later questions.  Problem with the book’s recommendation is, sometimes it takes too long to redo the chart for each question.  Sometimes, it really is faster to just erase and add the new info.

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