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Posted in Bucket List on Apr 04, 2011

Being that school is still over a year away for me, I got to thinking about things that I’ve been wanting to do, but have put off doing. Things that I might feel too old to do by the time I graduate at 40. I came up with two big things.

1) Climb Mount Baker

2) Go Scuba Diving in Great Barrier Reef

I signed up for a class to climb Mount Baker back in 2008.  My buddy and I wanted to climb Mount Rainier, but needed some mountaineering training, so we took a class to climb Mount Baker.  The class was divided into two sections, climbing on different weekends to reduce the number of rope teams on the mountain.  We were in Section 2.  On the weekend before our climb, Section 1 went, there was a freak accident and one of our classmates died.  The climbing club’s activities was shut down for investigation.  We had a make up climb in 2009, but I didn’t have the time or means for it then. Climbing a mountain means my little frame 106lbs frame need to be able to haul 50lbs up a mountain, so I need to do this before I turn soft from studying too much.  It’s now or maybe never, and “never” sounds like a terrible thing to me.

I keep hearing the Great Barrier Reef is disappearing.  Is it?  I don’t know, but I’ve been wanting to go, and maybe waiting another 4 years to go might not be such a great idea in case it does disappear.  I don’t know how to swim though.  You’ve been swimming like a fish since you were 2? Well, I’ve been sinking like a rock for longer.  Thanks. I need to just swim well enough to pass the scuba test, which really doesn’t sound all bad. Again, it’s just time and money.


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