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Posted in Books on Apr 10, 2011

I had my trusty LSAT Logic Games Bible at work when some girl came up to me to talk to me about it.  Apparently she had just taken the LSAT in February and she got the same book.  She told me she loved the book and got the other “Bible” books by PowerScore.  I didn’t know they had other books.

I mentioned to her that I was going to take the Steven Klein prep course, and asked if she took any course.  She said she took the Kaplan course and she thought it was okay, but she heard Steven Klein was the better class.

I went home, looked up the books on Amazon and put it on order.  The one book didn’t review as well as the Logic Games book, and now that I’ve read through them a bit, I can see why.  The problem is, it’s really hard to teach reading skills, so I’m not sure there really is a great way to go about this.  They can’t just give you a list of hard and fast rules you should do fine.  You have to actually be able to digest a lot of dry material.

The new books I picked up are LSAT Logical Reasoning Bible and The PowerScore LSAT Reading Comprehension Bible.  I will do a better review on them once I’ve had a chance to work through them.

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