Class 8

Posted in Prep Course on May 23, 2011

There is only one more class at this point.  While I’m somewhat happy that my test score is solidly improving, I’m not sure I will hit the 160 mark.  Good chance at 155-157, another 5-3 points might be a stretch.

I got a solid 155 on my last practice test and it wasn’t by dumb luck. I also scored my first perfect Logic Games, even though this was used as a practice section, it was from an actual test, so it felt pretty good even if it counted for nothing. At the time of the test, I knew I did perfect or near perfect on that section. Having taken this many tests already, I was getting good at gauging how well I did.

This last Saturday’s class was probably the most interesting one. We’ve been going over Logic Reasoning after Logic Reasonings, and again, because this was my weak point, I’ve always found class interesting.  However, this last week, we did a couple hours of going over our last test then Sandy took over.

Sandy spent some time going over the written section of the test. Then we went over the much dreaded application process. With 13 years of experience in helping people apply to law school, Sandy was the person I wished for when I first looked into applying to law school back in January.

I’ve picked a few books since January about law school application.  The one books that I love and still use as reference is “How to Get Into the Top Law Schools, 4th Ed“. This book helped me decide I should aim to take the LSAT in June instead of waiting until October. It also helped calm a lot of nerves when the application process felt overwhelming.

The book will not replace Sandy. Having someone knowledgeable answer your questions in person is hard to replace. Having someone with funny answers to your questions, doubly so. I’m reading all sorts of books on applying and still I have questions. Sandy will also help us with our essay, which as I’ve mentioned before is something I need very much in my life. I know of various LSAT preps that charge extra for their “Application Workshop”, so with the Steven Klein course, you are getting an awesome deal with this.


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