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LSAT Test Day06.06.11

I did extensive mountaineering training the last two days so I woke up with all kinds of muscle tweaks and pain. Despite the body aches, I felt pretty good. I woke up and had breakfast at my new dinner table at my new condo celebrating the fact that I survived the weekend’s grueling exercise.

I got ready, packed my ziplock baggie of stuff and walked to the test site which was a couple blocks from my condo. There were quite a few Steven Klein’s classmates there. We talked about bringing in a banner for our group during our break. Maybe we could have just made up our own gang signs and just threw them up randomly to psyche out other people.

How did I do? I honestly think at worst, I did average and at best probably 158. My absolute worst section was the experimental section, which was the first section I did. I was very happy to not have stressed over that section when it confused the hell out of me.

Steven Klein has a gathering tonight to discuss post testing strategy, but I really just don’t want to think about that test anymore for now. It’s a sigh of relief that the test is over with and I can stop stressing over that and start planning my application process. I need a drink.

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