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Day After LSAT06.07.11

I woke up very dehydrated this morning, the tannins from 2+ bottles of wine didn’t help. I had wine with dinner at home, then met up with my sister and her friends, where our group of 7 ended up with 8 corks on the table, then when everyone else left, my sister and I had yet another bottle. That seemed about right after the last month.

One question that came up during dinner was how was it possible that I seemed so relaxed. Really, at this point, it’s completely pointless to worry. The worst thing that can happen is that I don’t do as well as I hope, and I’ll take it again in October. It’s the beauty of June LSAT. This may postpone my hopes of going after early decision for some schools, but it’s really not that big of a deal.

I’m starting to look at applications a bit, but for the next three weeks, my big focus will be getting myself into good enough shape to carry 50lbs up Mount Baker.

This last weekend served me a huge slice of humble pie. I thought I was ahead of the game from early training and packing 45lbs up and down Mount Si, but then I got to class and everyone had longer legs and left me in the dust.

Physical grading curve sucks.

After the most grueling death slog bushwhacking through steep forested mountainside, complete with slippery wet decaying stumps that occasionally crumpled beneath our plastic mountaineering boots causing a potential human bowling game with each crunch, we found ourselves in a gorgeous snowfield. Then came the death slog across a snow field across Windy Pass, named aptly with the wind nearly succeeding in toppling me over many times. And then there it was! Our camp space. Glorious!

I feel like law school is a lot like mountaineering. It’s hard work, quite possibly the hardest thing I’ve done. It nearly broke me a few times, and tested everything I’ve got and asking for more. It’s a death march, but light at the end makes it all worth it. Or so I hope.

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