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Tuesday: Terrific Times06.14.11

Have you ever walked around the quad at UW during the cherry blossom season?

It’s breathtakingly beautiful.

I remembered on my first year attending UW, while I was rushing from some math to computer science class, I looked up for a moment and my breath got caught and I stopped dead on track. The person behind me ran into me, because I went from moving as fast as my little legs could carry me to a complete standstill, and she knocked the breath back in. I apologized and moved out of traffic. Cherry blossom petals swirled around us from the occasional wind blowing through. The world smelled so wonderful and it was rose colored without the rose colored lens. I remembered feeling very content and happy to be alive. I was happy for everyone around me to be alive whether they were enjoying that moment or not with me, I was simply happy for their existence.

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