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Wednesday: Future Fantastic06.16.11

Note: Be careful with this particular exercise. This is part of a feel-good writing exercise and it’s all that it is. Don’t take this moment to envision yourself doing well on the LSAT right before an LSAT. Researchers have shown that between two groups, one spending time envisioning themselves doing well on the test and the control group, the control group does better. In spending time dreaming about doing well on the test, this group spends less time studying because they feel so good about themselves. Study hard. Dream less when it comes to studying for the LSAT.

Many of you stumbled across this site after the June 2011 LSAT, which could mean you are in the same boat I am, and you’re hoping for the same “Future Fantastic” I am.

This blog is called 40 Year Old Law Student, but my goal with this is be able to write about the 40 Year Old Law School Graduate. Assuming my hard work pays off, I will be starting law school next fall. Then assuming more hard work paying off, I will be graduating from law school when I’m 40.

Did you go to your college commencement? I didn’t. I moved from Scripps Women’s College to UW when I changed my major from Pre-Med to Applied Computational Math and Sciences (it’s a math and comp sci hybrid degree). I finished school a year later than my friends due the switching majors so late, and my last course ended in January. By the time commencement rolled around, I was so done with college. I didn’t think my parents would care to much to watch waves of people get called either.

I kind of regret that decision now. My parents put three kids through various stages of college and I am the only one with a degree. It would have been their only chance to have a college grad photo op. I feel like I robbed them of that.

Maybe it’s because I’m older now, but I feel like as we age, all we have are our memories of big moments. I will definitely walk when I graduate law school. I used to think I do this to make my parents proud, now, I just want my mom to be happy, even if it’s for one day.

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