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Day Before the Climb06.22.11

Is it wrong to be more nervous over my mountain climb than my LSAT?

I’ve spent about the same amount of time “training” for both since the thought of law school, triggered the need to study for LSAT, and the need to climb Mount Baker before school starts.

Now that I’m this far along in training, I’m really glad to be doing this now. I don’t know if I can muster up this much time and energy, nor do I know if my joints will hold up under 50% of my bodyweight, five years down the line. So I’m happy to have the chance to do all this now.

Unlike the day before LSAT however, instead of trying to get my nerves to calm, I’m scrambling to make sure my IRA accounts have beneficiary and writing down passwords to my accounts in case anything happens to me and the boyfriend needs access to them.

It’s a somber moment. The day before a big trip. It’s exciting, but it’s also about planning for the unexpected.

It’s strange how I only think about these things before flying or when I’m about to head out into the woods with a big pack for a few days. When you think about it, that’s actually poor planning, since statistically, just getting into a car is more dangerous.

Still, it’s worth looking into if you haven’t. Find all your accounts, write down info to access them, tape it under a desk or somewhere hidden and let a loved one know.

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