Friday: Reviewing the Situation

Posted in Personal on Jun 18, 2011

Note: This is part of a feel-good writing exercise. We will continue with our regular programs after this.

List three things that went well the last seven days?

On Wednesday, I finally worked my way up to carrying 50lbs up Mount Si. I started training back in February, at the time I weighed 105lbs. I’ve gained 5 lbs since then (I’ll call them muscle weight, don’t argue with me). I wasn’t sure if it was ever possible for someone 5’0″ even at 110lbs to carry 50lbs up a mountain. Maybe if they were sherpa types, but not the soft programmer types. I’ve spent most of my working life typing on some computer. My hands were so very soft. I couldn’t do hard labor to save my life. Still, it could be done. It wasn’t pretty, and I almost gave up many times along the way, but I did it:

Note: People ask why lug water jugs? Mountaineers use water jugs so that they can dump out the water on top of the mountain, this saves the wear-and-tear on the knees on the way back down. Downhill climbing with a heavy pack is very bad for your knees, we try to save that for the actual climb. I’m usually one of the fastest people when it comes to downhill, so I’m not concerned about training for that.

After the big hike, the boyfriend said he wanted to cook steak dinner for me. We decided to invite some guests over to join us. We invited 3 people. Those 3 brought 3 people so we had a nice little condo full of people. We wanted to move into the city so that we can have friends over more often, so it’s great to see it pan out.

My sister loves having house parties, but I used to feel bad for just showing up, making a mess then leaving because she wouldn’t let us help her clean. Now I understand why. Because it’s nice to have guests over, getting drunk with your guests then get to stay put while everyone has to go home. It’s so nice that even cleaning after becomes a joy.

This week, we drove our car as little as possible. It was one of our big goals for moving into the city. We wanted to be able to walk everywhere. The first few weeks here, we moved and moved and shopped and moved, so we really didn’t get a chance to walk anywhere. Yesterday was such a beautiful day, I walked down to the boyfriend’s work, from there we walked to the bank to set up our joint account then walked to Pike Place Market to have dinner at an outdoor patio

I can’t remember the last time we drove this week. It’s really nice.

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