Monday: Thanksgiving

Posted in Personal on Jun 13, 2011

I know most of Seattle is ready for summer, but my window treatment is still on order, so would it be terribly selfish of me to be thankful that we have not move into broiling hot weather yet?

I talked about mountaineer training too much, but it’s really the center of my focus for the next couple weeks, so bear with me. On the day of LSAT, I was extremely grateful that my arms were functional. This might sound silly, in that we generally take the use of our arms for granted. However, on the outing before last, we practiced self-arrest on the snow for hours.

For those that don’t mountaineer, self-arrest is used to stop yourself or your rope team from sliding down a steep snowy mountain. A lot of that downhill force is initially stopped by your arms using ice-ax. There are times when the force of the team will threaten serious arm to shoulder dislocation.

This ended up feeling like doing hours of push-ups with added claps for glee. I was very concerned. Luckily, we were focused on walking together as a rope team the weekend before LSAT, so I a mostly functional human being.

Most of my furnishing is starting to trickle in, so my home is starting to look like an actual home, for this I am so very thankful. My favorite furniture thus far is our dining set. It’s perched in the corner of my living room, surrounded by floor-to-ceiling windows.

I spend far more time sitting on that chair writing or watching the city life go by. My office is still stacked with boxes to unpack. The desktop computer with its large monitor and sexy photo-editing capability is pouting from dust gathering. My mattress sits on the floor waiting to be made into an opium den for some back-ordered bed-frame. Life is still bliss on that chair. Thank you, beautiful perch.

Through natural selection, I have wonderful friends that do not give me hell when I fall off the face of the planet for a few months at a time. My sister, with her endless stream of relationship woes, is understanding when I don’t always have time to listen to why her boyfriend truly sucks this time. I appreciate the friends and family that helped me celebrate the passing of test day even after months of neglect.

I’m thankful that the sunburns I got from standing on a snowfield all day while the sun was blazing out is now healing. People are starting to smile back when I smile at them as opposed to covering the children’s eyes.

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