Thursday: Dear…

Posted in Personal on Jun 17, 2011

Note: This is part of a feel-good writing exercise. We will continue with our regular programs after one more day of feel-goodness.

Dear Boyfriend,

Thank you for waking up early every weekend since February to help me pack my backpack, wake my sorry butt up, and drive me out to a mountain to train with me. I know on some hikes I can be a crazy grumpy bitch, I blame the pack, I’d like to think I was nicer soon as the extra pounds came off.

Congratulations on your new job and I’m so glad you’re back to normal schedule and not graveyard shifts anymore. It’s nice to see you more often during normal human hours. However, because our schedules to hike no longer mesh, you have been missed the last couple hikes.

Thanks for mounting all the snowboard racks and bike rack and random stuff racks. Also, thanks for securing all my bookcases to the walk, it’s comforting to know I might not get crushed to death by books come the next earthquake. I will check the security of said bookcase wall mounts when you take out a large life insurance on me, just so you know.

Our home looks great, thanks. Oh, thanks for the sweet snowboard, I really would have waited another season or two before splurging on a new one.

Thank you for perfecting the art of cooking my favorite food, steak. I know I was being harsh when I told you that you over-cooked my steak back in the days, but as you can tell, I’m such a freaking cry-baby when I have to eat less than bloody steaks.

Thanks for supporting every crazy hair-brained idea I get in my head. I have too many of them, I know. Thanks for understanding my neurosis and commitment-issues. There are too many of those as well.

I’m just very happy that we are happy right now.

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