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The Expected08.18.11

It’s mid-August, which means I should be frantically working on my personal statement and I’ve been trying to start on it since the beginning of the month. However, because I made good effort in everything I do, I wrote down “Work on Essay” on my planner for yesterday.

Problem with planning is, life gets in the way and I had more important things to do. Things I did between yesterday and today instead of my essay:

  1. Wash three loads of laundry. You can’t possibly expect me to write my personal statement in dirty underwear, can you?
  2. Cook breakfast and lunch. I might be the queen of take-outs, but cooking is my writing muse, so this had to be done!
  3. Vacuum the entire condo. Writing in a filthy environment is just so wrong!
  4. Did the dishes. It’s summer, if I leave it alone too long it might stink up the place.
  5. Played hours worth of Tiny Tower. It’s a free game, I can’t not take advantage of the “free” part.
  6. Scrubbed both toilets. Okay, I might be reaching for something to do here at this point.
It is said that procrastination is the brain’s way of rescuing you from possibly embarrassing yourself, and maybe this is a sign that writing my personal statement on my most embarrassing moment involving me mooning a whole lot of people by accident isn’t a great idea. Wait. That’s not what I’m going to write about. I think what’s failing me is my utter lack of reward system here. I should reward myself with ice cream from the local home-made ice cream shop.
Alright, I’m off to get some ice cream now. You say that’s not how reward system works? I say I will have home-made ice cream five minutes from now and you don’t, I will feel plenty rewarded. Thank you.
p.s. I’m a little under the weather lately with fever and chills, which means I may be dying. If so, I can’t be remembered as the “girl who worked on her essay on her last days”, I think “girl who loved home-made ice cream” has a much better legacy to it.

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