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Posted in Fluff, Test on Oct 01, 2011

October 1, 2011 LSAT just taken. I honestly don’t know how well I did. The logic games felt harder…no, just more time consuming than others. I think I did reasonably well in logical reasoning and reading comp is the evil that I try not to dwell too much on.

This is all the time I plan to spend thinking about the LSAT for today.

For the rest of the day, I plan to first watch 50/50 because I figure a comedy inspired by a true story about fighting cancer might give me some perspective, especially on how much popcorn I can stuff my face with in one sitting.

Then after that I have a housewarming and birthday party to attend, where I plan on drinking copious amounts of vodka to loosen up my back. I don’t know what it is about sitting for hours hunched over a test that makes my back and neck tense up for DAYS after, but I’m hopeful alcohol will be a quick remedy.

Last time I was drunk, I decided to show my boyfriend how awesomely flexible I’d become (thank you, booze) by scratching my head with my toes. He acted unimpressed but I thought he might be jealous, so I tried to scratch his head with my toes. He screamed, “That’s gross! What is wrong with you? You should go to bed because you are obviously drunk.” I told him, other men might not complain so much about a partner that is *wink wink* flexible. Also in some parts of the world, having an extra limb to help with lice picking might be a gift.

While I know I can just as easily solve my problem by scheduling a chiropractic appointment right after every long test, I am also deathly afraid of the neck cracking that chiropractors seem to love. Soon as my chiropractor touches my head and tells me to relax, my entire body tenses up so hard as to enable me to win all planking contests. Then comes the neck cracking sound that would normally indicate someone has just died if heard in a movie.

If I’m going to schedule my own death, it damned well not be right after I’ve spent all that time studying for and taking a test.


Love vodka.

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