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And Then I Went Scuba Diving in Australia…09.17.12

No, not really. But it would be awesome if I did.

I’ve been missing because summer school was brutal. I took a business law class with a teacher that was all but completely checked out (no, really, he told us at the end of the quarter that he’s done with teaching and moving onto magazine publishing, which he missed out on class days to work on). We covered twelve chapters in eight weeks. And I want to whine and complain about how much harder I worked for this one class and this was the only class that I didn’t get a 4.0 in since returning to school.

Creepy eel being all creepy among a group of feeding fishes.

Then school ended and Seattle summer can be really spectacular. And Hawaii summer too.

The boyfriend and my friends planned a trip to Hawaii while I was buried in the books then soon as the quarter ended I was whisked off to The Big Island. It’s really hard to whine about how hard life is while sitting on a beach, with a beer, in the middle of the week. We went snorkeling every single day. I know law school will be that much harder, so the class is written off as training wheels for law school.

I’m super excited for my new class tomorrow. I spent much of last summer learning how to swim so that I can take a scuba diving class and it starts tomorrow. The open water dive part is in the freezing Puget Sound water, but they say if you can dive in the Sound you can dive pretty much anywhere after. So even though I’m moving at a snail pace toward my goal of diving in Australia, I’m at least moving.

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