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SU Open House04.14.13

Seattle University School of Law Admitted Student Open House was a few days ago on April 11th. After registering for the open house, I got another email for Spring Visit for all new students on May 20th. This left me wondering why do we have so many visit days, and I wished I knew about all of them and which ones I should definitely attend and which one is for informational purpose only. The Spring Visit is an action packed day starting at 10am going until 5:30pm and beyond, so I figured that’s something I should definitely be at.

If I didn’t already register for the open house, I would have probably have skipped that and gone to Spring Visit only. As I had griped about in the previous post, I was already feeling the time crunch between needing to wrap up a correspondence course, work, pay respect to my grandmother’s grave in LA and pack for my trip next week, AND there was homework for the open house lunch with a due date.

For the event, I sat between two lovely ladies. The first gal I talked to said she wished she had know about all the different visit days too because she’s from Virginia and could only make it to one event, and the Spring Visit seemed more interesting to her. However, after talking to her a bit more, I found out she hadn’t committed to a school yet and was visiting to see the different schools. Reservation deposit isn’t due until next week, so now it makes sense why they have this open house. It’s wonderful for students who are still on the fence. And acts as a final sale pitch for the school, although, seeing as to how many more people get rejected from law schools every year, is there a shortage of people clamoring to throw money at the schools?

In the end, I’m really glad I went to the open house. The event started with a Q&A with current students, and people asked questions that I didn’t even realize I wanted answers on until I heard it. One thing I’ve been thinking about with going to law school, “God, just let it go quickly so I can make myself a more useful member of society already.” The current students said you will make use of your education long before you graduate. There are volunteer opportunities, internships, externships, and clerkships. In fact, by the end of the event, it’s obviously mandatory that you make use of your education before you graduate, otherwise the job market could be dryer than it already is.

Someone asked the student panel what their favorite thing about SU is and what their least favorite thing is. The consensus between four students is that they love the “hugs”, people are very supportive of each other, and everyone seem to genuinely care about each other. It has crossed my mind a few times that law school could change me for the worse. I was worried about how competitive law school would be and how people might be at each other’s throat because of it. I’m happy to know I’m going to a school that fosters good feelings toward each other. None of them has anything negative to report, although who knows, maybe there are guns pointed at them, even though I couldn’t spot any. The assistant dean was standing next to them, but at no point did I see her draw a finger across her neck slowly while looking at them.

The second part of the event was mock class, that was what the homework was for, so that we got to experience what an actual class could be like. I’m reminded of what it’s like to first go to a good undergrad college, that is I’m not nearly as smart as I think I am. I don’t know what your average day is like, but I deal a lot with every day people, and your average person isn’t that smart, no insult to you, you’re the smartest person I’m talking to today. Of course. The one thing I know I struggle with is how to analyze something critically without being biased. I’ve seen it done well over and over and it makes me bow down to it every time, but I’m still so bad with it. It puts me in awe at the people that could get into those angles that I never even thought about. That’s what I noticed in this class, a lot of my potential future classmates are damned good.

Last part of the event is a panel with financial office member, externship office members, and a couple of recent grads. This is where we were drilled on the necessity of networking. If you walked in during this part, you might think you’ve walked in on a MBA program’s open house. I kind of knew this was important, it’s part of why I wanted to stay in this area so badly because ultimately, this is where I want to work, but I didn’t think about how much it really does count. Time for me to dust off my copy of “Never Eat Alone”. One of the recent grad talked about how much she hated her first year, you could almost see her shudder when thinking about it.

So I know: I will probably shudder whenever I think about 1L, need to to stop eating alone, and will be receiving/giving buckets of hugs in the near future.

And in the more immediate future, I have worry about packing the right gear and clothes to go swim with the sharks, and by sharks I mean actual aquatic creature sharks and not fancy term for lawyers — sharks.

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So Little Time Already04.10.13

My Australia trip is next week. I have a correspondence course that I’m trying to wrap up before I leave, so I’ve been hiding. It’s for Philosophy 101, and every assignment hurts my head in a new way, like the P90X workout, with just as much crying and whimpering at the end of every session. I love it, but it leaves me little time.

I sent in my $250 deposit for my law school seat. And returned the form for how much loan I plan on taking out. That last part was painful to think about, but I keep telling myself it’ll be so worth it in the end.

There is a open house lunch for the newly admitted student tomorrow. The suggested attire is business casual. I can’t tell you if I feel like I’ve failed or won in not really owning a lot of clothing that meets this criteria. Business casual for a game programmer could be jeans with a t-shirt that was swag from a gaming conference. I will be shopping for some wardrobe upgrade later. *geek alert* Wardrobe level up!

I was looking forward to the lunch, until I got an email that assigned us homework. It includes writing a short article, answering some questions and briefing a case. There will be a “realish” class based on the homework tomorrow. School hasn’t started yet, and I’m already feeling like I’m behind on my law school homework. Go me.

I need to pencil in some time to feel excited about my upcoming trip. I don’t want to feel the excitement only when I’m being chased by sharks. Did I mention we might be swimming with sharks in Fiji? With no cages because I don’t believe in cage diving? So maybe there will be an open seat for another student in another couple weeks. I would say wish me good luck with the sharks, but maybe wish me good luck on the luncheon tomorrow first.

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