Week 6

Posted in Law School on Jul 28, 2013

One more week left!

People are going insane in my class. It’s mostly the girls, I can’t tell if it’s because they are feeding off each other because the girls in my class tends to hang out in tight little circle.

Even the instructor is a bit on the edge, on Friday she got fed up with us asking her a billion questions and said we need to learn how to read our cases and base our studies on that instead of blindly following study guides. She did sound a bit snappy, but I’m sure between listening to each of us panicking, and having people cry in her office, it’s a bit much. Two of the ladies took offense to her snappiness and left during break and  never came back.

I heard two guys commenting on how they can’t even stand being around some classmates because they are freaking out a little too much, and the freak-out energy is stressing them out.

Today, a few of us got together to study and at some point one girl started crying. I don’t know how to deal with people crying. I don’t even know how to deal with myself crying, I just lock myself up and tell people to leave me alone. Crying is not my specialty.

The poor girl is feeling dumb, and like she just doesn’t get it and that she will not get it on time for the final which is only a little over a week away. But, that’s how we all feel right now. Most of us just drink that feeling away and this poor girl doesn’t have that option because she’s on meds that does not play well with alcohol.

This is what the last week of law school is like.

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