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Where Did It Go?08.02.13

And summer semester is over. I don’t know how in week 3 it feels like each week was soooo long because we crammed so much stuff in our brains but then we blinked and it’s gone.

The last couple days were emotionally charged, people were snippy, more girls cried, and everyone could use more sleep.

I feel like I figured out a good study pattern for myself a little too late. Everything fell in place around mid-week of Week 6. And I became the stellar participating student only for the last week and a half. Prior to that, I was always wondering what the fuck was going on and how did everyone else have the answers that I don’t, and I would spend some six to eight hours briefing each night.

Briefing. Wow. There is nothing more soul crushing than spending a couple hours to brief for a case that the professor glossed over for a few minutes and I now know is not even going to be covered on the test anyhow.

Four days until finals. I have sitting before me, cupcakes because I deserve them. I live half a block away from this fancy cupcake shoppe (I’m calling it “shoppe” because it’s that fancy) and I’ve been resisting the sweet beckoning all summer because I have not been exercising enough since school started. Now that it’s the home stretch, I’m saving my allotted bank of willpower for studying.

Last week, I sat down on my couch and thought, wow, this couch is nice. When was the last time I sat on this couch? And I honestly could not remember. Three weeks ago maybe? Law school.

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