…But I Won’t Do That

Posted in Personal on Sep 19, 2013

I’ve been going to a LOT of presentations with panels of lawyers and the common thread among them all is, “We are lawyers, we want to help people. We want to give back to our community.”

I believe that. It’s why I want to become a lawyer. And same for a lot of my classmates, although one has declared he is after money because he has some insane student loans.

The local blood bank had their donation bus parked outside of the law building for a couple days. On the first day, I walked by, and felt a little guilty about not stopping in. Then I asked my classmate, Josh, if he had any advice on whether I should give blood that day, or the following day. He said, “Well, we have practice exam today, so it depends on how woozy you get.” Good point. It’s better not to be woozy the day of exams, practice or not.

The next day, I had no excuse. I walked onto the bus half expecting to be told to come back at a later time, but the bus was somewhat empty. The turn out has been dismal for two days.

I asked for a bright green wrap for bandaging, because I know in the past, when I see people walking around with blood donation wrapping, I’m reminded of going to donate if I haven’t already. When I walked around the law school building, I had multiple people ask me if I injured myself because they haven’t seen a blood donation wrapper before.

Law students want to be givers, but not givers of blood.

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