Random Law School Moment #2

Posted in Personal on Sep 12, 2013

Every morning, I wake up, drink some water, get on my stationary bike and read whatever garbage gossip to clear my head of useful knowledge. Then I drink my coffee and sit down and study or review for my class(es) that day. Usually, as time for class approaches, I start getting dressed in the middle of thinking about cases.

Today, I put on my socks in the middle of adding notes to my brief. Then I looked at the clock and started packing my bag. Dragged it pathetically (so heavy) to the door. Then I started putting on my shoes. Something didn’t feel right. Was it my analysis of the case? What did I leave out?

No, it turns out I didn’t have any pants on. One shoes and no pants. I’m not sure how I could possibly lose a case if I were to show up anywhere looking like that. It’s trendy.

One of my classmate came up with “Fancy Friday”, where he makes a point to get dressed up every Friday in business attire to remind him that he’s studying to be a lawyer and I thought it’s such a great idea that I’ve been getting suited up with him. It’s also a wonderful way to test drive new shoes or pencil skirts to make sure there will be no wardrobe malfunction. I’ve already found that one of my pencil skirt has slutty tendency and wants to hike up to my hips with every step.

I came up with a new day, I call it “Thong Thursday”.


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