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And Then I Joined a Frat10.14.13

I guess if I’m going to return to school as one of the oldies, I might as well as go one further and do something I didn’t do in undergrad, which is to join a fraternity. Yes,  a fraternity with secret handshakes and all. It’s a law fraternity, so there was no hazing or anything crazy, but I half expected it when we were marched into a candle-lit room.

After the initiation ceremony we all got sloshed at the pub across the street. How sloshed? Well, I had to leave a conversation because one of my drunk older married classmate was uncomfortably hitting on a young classmate, making references to her wanting to be a cougar. He was flattered because she’s really attractive, but it was still an uncomfortable situation. Then another classmate missed her flight to visit home the following morning. Everyone was looking a little rough around the edges.

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Week 710.08.13

It’s the start of week 7 and so far, school has been overwhelming. Actually, it’s my tendency to over-commit that is overwhelming me. I wanted to maybe join two clubs and a clinic. Then I find myself with six clubs and two clinics and doing bailiff for moot court.

All first years are warned against over-committing, and I thought it would be so easy to resist. Then all the clubs and workshops roll out and with different clinic options, and I find myself unable to resist checking EVERYTHING out. Every new option seems more shiny and interesting.

I feel a little bit like a freshman in undergrad all over again, like I want to major in everything AND save the world before bedtime.

I went the King County Court House yesterday to shadow some attorneys volunteering for Housing Justice Project. It was so much fun to see how an attorney can waltz into a free clinic without knowing what is going on and is able to make a difference with just a few hours time. It was also interesting to see how my heels, even in a very contained space, when walking back and forth between HJP office and the court room is not the best of footwear.

Today is my first day as legal clinic assistant. I will be doing mostly client in-take. I had a moment of panic attack over the weekend when the client list and their issues were sent out. I know I’m only a student volunteer and it’s unlikely the attorney would allow me to really fuck shit up, but it made me pause for a moment in realizing these are real people with real problem. And I could possibly fuck shit up for them. The clinic I’m volunteering for focuses on helping low-income entrepreneurs. The problems they face are very much like issued my family faced. It makes me that much more worried that I could mess things up for them because I remember how much it hurts when things did not go well for us.

Something the school has ingrained in us is that being a lawyer is a lot about networking, which is partially why I’ve leaned toward over-committing. However, every event I’ve been to felt so positive, I had so much fun meeting new people (which is neat because I hate the word “networking”, in my mind it always sounded like “meeting people with intent of using them”). I met another fellow game programmer turned law student. He is currently working at one of the biggest law firm in Seattle writing patents under a patent attorney. I met this guy and his boss at one of the many panels I went to when trying to see what area of law I want to practice in. He said they could offer me either a full time position now if I want to be a part time student, or I could intern for them come summer time. I’m not sure I’m ready to commit to patent law, but I sure as hell will not say no to a summer internship at one of the biggest firm. Apparently a programmer turned lawyer is something of a rarity. Who knew. We were a dime a dozen in the game industry. Most of us were willing to work for peanuts and did, in fact, work for peanuts. Suddenly, in the law industry, we’re the hot commodity. Go geeks! I could be celebrating my summer internship a little too early, because it’s only been a month into school, but it’s exciting to know that I have hopes of being gainfully employed.

So, over-committing is exhausting, but it has been so much fun and I’m meeting some really cool people doing things I didn’t even realize was possible with their law degree. I think I”m doing pretty well in class…wait, no not in class, because I am such a god damned train wreck when called on, but I test well. I get to wrap my good grades around me like a heated blanket while I stammer my way through every cold call.

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