And Then I Joined a Frat

Posted in Personal on Oct 14, 2013

I guess if I’m going to return to school as one of the oldies, I might as well as go one further and do something I didn’t do in undergrad, which is to join a fraternity. Yes,  a fraternity with secret handshakes and all. It’s a law fraternity, so there was no hazing or anything crazy, but I half expected it when we were marched into a candle-lit room.

After the initiation ceremony we all got sloshed at the pub across the street. How sloshed? Well, I had to leave a conversation because one of my drunk older married classmate was uncomfortably hitting on a young classmate, making references to her wanting to be a cougar. He was flattered because she’s really attractive, but it was still an uncomfortable situation. Then another classmate missed her flight to visit home the following morning. Everyone was looking a little rough around the edges.

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