1 Out of 3 Finals Down…and 3 More to Go

Posted in Law School on Dec 12, 2013

I studied my ass off for my contracts final. It was my toughest one, and I know it would likely be my worst grade. I left my contracts final on Tuesday feeling glad it was over, I figured I would be getting a B or B- so I need my other two finals to be amazing. I realized from leaving Contracts, that it didn’t matter if I had another week to study for it, the test covered all sorts of topic that we did not cover in class. It was just awful.

Tomorrow is our Civil Procedure final. We had a study session today. After we left, our section’s Facebook group blew up. Apparently one of the  two essay questions from our Contracts final was readily available online with ANSWERS even, so students have been using it as practice hypo, which meant people knew the answer to what would have been 30% of our final grade. The students were honest enough to come forward and notified the dean that they found it online…apparently on the first page when you google “contract hypos”.

Obviously, my classmates are all in a tizzy. We spent 3.5 hours taking an exam that would very likely be nulled. The dean doesn’t have an answer as to what they would do about it, and said we won’t even discuss it until we finish our other finals because they want us to focus. So the options are all up in the air, keep the exam, throw it and retake, or whatever else. Of course, Facebook discussion went on for hours between the students before people focused.

I feel very bad that people are so upset. However, I just found the situation hilarious and horrible. Nothing for nothing, it makes for great law school horror story. It’s never fun to be the person that it happened to, but damn, the storytelling potential when I have to interview for internships, and there’s no grade where Contracts should be. This situation is so ridiculous, if it happened in a movie, I would have thought that it’s too fake and made up by unimaginative writers that wants drama for the sake of drama.

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