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Midsummer Update07.14.14

I am alive.

And still in law school.

And surviving.

“Surviving” being the word. I made it through 1L, only feeling slightly more jaded, but my body has fallen apart completely. I was warned to keep up a good exercising routine and all that jazz, but of course making time to exercise was pretty much the first to go when there seemed to never be enough time for studying. Problem with doing that as an older law student is your body isn’t what it used to be, every sports injury you’ve ever had that was somewhat held in check by being in decent shape will come back to backhand you, then leave you feeling like a creaky 150 years old geriatric. That is me now. Every knee and shoulder joint hurts. My doctor says I’m fine, and not suffering from psoriatic arthritis (or ANY arthritis) like I gave myself in my head after visit WebMD, that website is dangerous. I just have a bad case of lazybuttitis and should get back to exercising. Which I have been since my summer schedule is so much more conducive to remembering I have family and friends also.

Sorry to ditch this beloved blog for so long. It’s not that my love for writing has wane. It’s that law school makes the idea of writing for fun seem…unpalatable. Much like reading for fun was a thing of the past for a while there too. However, I’m reading for pleasure again and I’m happy to be writing now too.

I did well enough on my first year, not great, but well enough to be randomly surprised by a performance-based scholarship that I didn’t even have to apply for.

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