At the time of writing this about post, I am 34.  At the beginning of 2011, I have decided to go to law school.  I thought the process would be simple, I would take some test, apply and start school in fall.  Of course applying to law school is far from simple.  For starters, you have to take the LSAT before even applying, and LSAT is not just “some test”.  After looking at the LSAT schedule, I realize if I took the first available test in February, I would have only two weeks to study. If I missed that, I would have to wait till June, which meant there was no way in hell I would be able to get in school for fall of this year.

This was the first slap of reality. Law school application is a lengthy process. I decided to take my time and study for the June test and send in early applications for next fall. If I get to start law school next fall, I will be exactly 40 years old when I graduate.

Forty sounds so old to be starting a new career, but it is something I look forward to. This blog will detail my adventure for the next 4-5 years.  There will be much complaining about studying for the LSAT, there will be much griping about my crappy undergrad grade, but there will be much celebrating of small milestones to come.

There are some nice things about starting law school this late.  I can afford things I couldn’t afford coming out of school as an undergrad.  I’m in the process of buying a condo that is one block away from the law school that I plan on attending, this is not something I would even dream of as an undergrad.

I was a video game programmer for eight years before this, so if you noticed a lot of geek references it’s because while I outgrew the gaming kid, I never outgrew the big dork.

Edit: The second slap of reality is that I got rejected from my target law school the first time I applied. I was asked to take some much lacking writing class and reapply. So now this blog should be renamed 41-year-old-law-student by the time I graduate. And we shall see where I end up after the reapply.

Edit Edit: So glad I only “almost” minored in math because I really can’t do it. I will be 40 when I graduate in 2016…assuming I do get distracted by all the shinies offered in every direction at law school.


Send any questions, requests for hand-holding, love, etc. to shampoo@40yearoldlawstudent.com

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  1. jeff says:

    I’m 39 y.o. & considering it, but where the hell did you get your letters of recommendations from?? Seems impossible if you’re not already in school to have professors write them.

    • shampoo says:

      This stumped me for a moment too. Then I realized I worked for many years and have high approval ratings from previous bosses.
      I’m asking my previous studio head and project manager to write my two letters. If you volunteer or attend church, those are good sources as well.

  2. Kevin says:

    So glad I found your blog! I am 38, retiring from the military in early 2015 and my goal is to start law school the same year. The information on this blog has been so informative! Thank you so much for sharing your story and inspiring us older folks with the same dream to go make it happen!

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