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1 Out of 3 Finals Down…and 3 More to Go12.12.13

I studied my ass off for my contracts final. It was my toughest one, and I know it would likely be my worst grade. I left my contracts final on Tuesday feeling glad it was over, I figured I would be getting a B or B- so I need my other two finals to be amazing. I realized from leaving Contracts, that it didn’t matter if I had another week to study for it, the test covered all sorts of topic that we did not cover in class. It was just awful.

Tomorrow is our Civil Procedure final. We had a study session today. After we left, our section’s Facebook group blew up. Apparently one of the  two essay questions from our Contracts final was readily available online with ANSWERS even, so students have been using it as practice hypo, which meant people knew the answer to what would have been 30% of our final grade. The students were honest enough to come forward and notified the dean that they found it online…apparently on the first page when you google “contract hypos”.

Obviously, my classmates are all in a tizzy. We spent 3.5 hours taking an exam that would very likely be nulled. The dean doesn’t have an answer as to what they would do about it, and said we won’t even discuss it until we finish our other finals because they want us to focus. So the options are all up in the air, keep the exam, throw it and retake, or whatever else. Of course, Facebook discussion went on for hours between the students before people focused.

I feel very bad that people are so upset. However, I just found the situation hilarious and horrible. Nothing for nothing, it makes for great law school horror story. It’s never fun to be the person that it happened to, but damn, the storytelling potential when I have to interview for internships, and there’s no grade where Contracts should be. This situation is so ridiculous, if it happened in a movie, I would have thought that it’s too fake and made up by unimaginative writers that wants drama for the sake of drama.

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Thanksgiving Break12.03.13

I never thought I’d wake up early on Thanksgiving day, make a nice hot mug of coffee. Sit down. Hit the books for hours. And enjoy it.

This week is the last week of class. Then I have two finals next week and a last one the week after. All the 1Ls are in a state of panic. I think I’m finally hitting my strides, which is really pathetic because if I had a been hitting my stride all semester, I would be a much better class participant. However, I will take it, better late than never.

I have most of my outlines done for every class, still need some finishing touch of course, but I’m happy with the progress on them. My memo that is due this Thursday, is mostly done.

I want to tell you that age has taught me how to be cool as a cucumber, and truth to be told, I think I am. But, occasionally, I catch myself saying things, and if I stop to think about it, I realize, I’ve turned into a god damned psycho bitch. I’m combative. I will argue the shit out of whatever even if I could possibly be wrong. Even when the boyfriend asks for a hug, I tell him I have limited amounts of hugs to give per day. I’m as fun a barrel of monkeys. If the monkeys had mange and were infected with “Rage” virus.

I was out on Sunday for my girlfriend’s birthday, and I told her I was just so happy to be out with non-law  school friends. Don’t get me wrong, I love my law school friends, we party together, and I enjoy their company immensely. However, I’m developing a Pavlovian response to their presence, where I get that icky “I’ve just spent 14 hours working on my god damned memo/outline” feeling when I see them.

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Negotiation Competition11.09.13

One of my classmates from summer semester wanted to compete in a negotiation competition and she asked if I would be her teammate. At first I thought, no, because I feel like I have ZERO extra time, which is part of why I have not being writing. The other part being that classes got so hard I couldn’t face reflecting on life.

This is not to say I am not enjoying my first year, because I am, immensely. It’s just that I’m a little behind on outlining. Every moment spent here, where I’m clearly documenting my slacking off, is less time spent thinking about I should really get on that outlining business or playing more Bejeweled while feeling bad about the lack thereof.

Anyhow, the competition is only one day, from 5pm to 9pm. So, in the end, I thought why the hell not. And I really miss this gal whom I sat next to most of my summer class.

We both thought this would be a great way to get our feet wet and really, 4 hours was not a lot to spare. This was correct only in part. The time sink was actually a lot more. There was the preparation of thinking about what each side would like. And preparing what to say. We met three times before the competition at around 2 hours each, and there were informational videos we were required to watch.

The competition is two rounds of negotiations. The first was a signing on a contractor contract. The second one was a contract renegotiation. Both of our matches were against 3Ls. I won’t lie, I was a little scared when I heard that and I’m pretty sure it affected the outcome of the first match. Especially when the guy in the first match got in our face.

The first team told us they had just taken a negotiation class and they wanted to do the competition to see how well the techniques they were taught works. I did not want to compete ever again after the first match with them. It went really poorly. We had very clear lines of where we were not allowed to cross. Obviously they did too, except they went rogue and drew their line out further because their strategy was play SUPER hardball. Their line was so far, there was actually no middle ground and we ended up agreeing to not a god damned thing and ran out of time in a pissing match. Both teams were reprimanded by the judges for having not accomplished anything for their clients, who by the way wanted to build a good relationship. The other team was told there might be an ethics violation because they misrepresented their client by drawing the line way further out than what they were told to do.

The second match, the other group started talking and conceding to points right away, which put us at ease after that last pissing match, and we actually talked and worked every single point out. It was fun. Both teams accomplished what they set out to do, and we had time left. In a 30 minutes competition, we were close to done when they called 5 minutes. I kept feeling like we missed something because it went so smoothly. Both teams were praised by judges for working so well with each other and making the negotiation look easy. It looked so easy that the one male judge thought it was wise to comment on how this negotiation was probably easy because we were all female negotiators and ladies play nice with each other. Soon as we left the room, the four of us rolled our eyes so hard, and asked, “Did that just happen?” Just because we were all prepared and made it look easy, some old white dude shaded us for being “female”.

The first team we went up against didn’t place with their super aggressive style. Mind you, they are super nice people so we spoke to them in between matches and their second match didn’t go so well either, they didn’t finish up the renegotiation. I think whatever they learned in their negotiation class made them play to hard. The second team we went up against placed 4th. We ended up placing 5th out of 10 teams, which we happy with. We’re pretty sure the first team screwed us up, and screwed themselves even more, but honestly, we were happy.

A big part of why my friend wanted to compete was because she was told these competitions are the only way we will get critiqued as lawyers. That was truly the best part of the competition. As poorly as that first match went, we got the most useful critiques out of that one. Things that I do that I’m not even aware of doing, I get defensive and I stop trying to progress the conversation. I have poor posture when I don’t feel good about the situation. I need to project my voice. When the first negotiation was going so poorly, one of us should have stopped and asked everyone if this was truly how our clients wanted to be represented.

All in all, it was a great experience. We learned a lot and definitely want to compete together again next year.

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Week 710.08.13

It’s the start of week 7 and so far, school has been overwhelming. Actually, it’s my tendency to over-commit that is overwhelming me. I wanted to maybe join two clubs and a clinic. Then I find myself with six clubs and two clinics and doing bailiff for moot court.

All first years are warned against over-committing, and I thought it would be so easy to resist. Then all the clubs and workshops roll out and with different clinic options, and I find myself unable to resist checking EVERYTHING out. Every new option seems more shiny and interesting.

I feel a little bit like a freshman in undergrad all over again, like I want to major in everything AND save the world before bedtime.

I went the King County Court House yesterday to shadow some attorneys volunteering for Housing Justice Project. It was so much fun to see how an attorney can waltz into a free clinic without knowing what is going on and is able to make a difference with just a few hours time. It was also interesting to see how my heels, even in a very contained space, when walking back and forth between HJP office and the court room is not the best of footwear.

Today is my first day as legal clinic assistant. I will be doing mostly client in-take. I had a moment of panic attack over the weekend when the client list and their issues were sent out. I know I’m only a student volunteer and it’s unlikely the attorney would allow me to really fuck shit up, but it made me pause for a moment in realizing these are real people with real problem. And I could possibly fuck shit up for them. The clinic I’m volunteering for focuses on helping low-income entrepreneurs. The problems they face are very much like issued my family faced. It makes me that much more worried that I could mess things up for them because I remember how much it hurts when things did not go well for us.

Something the school has ingrained in us is that being a lawyer is a lot about networking, which is partially why I’ve leaned toward over-committing. However, every event I’ve been to felt so positive, I had so much fun meeting new people (which is neat because I hate the word “networking”, in my mind it always sounded like “meeting people with intent of using them”). I met another fellow game programmer turned law student. He is currently working at one of the biggest law firm in Seattle writing patents under a patent attorney. I met this guy and his boss at one of the many panels I went to when trying to see what area of law I want to practice in. He said they could offer me either a full time position now if I want to be a part time student, or I could intern for them come summer time. I’m not sure I’m ready to commit to patent law, but I sure as hell will not say no to a summer internship at one of the biggest firm. Apparently a programmer turned lawyer is something of a rarity. Who knew. We were a dime a dozen in the game industry. Most of us were willing to work for peanuts and did, in fact, work for peanuts. Suddenly, in the law industry, we’re the hot commodity. Go geeks! I could be celebrating my summer internship a little too early, because it’s only been a month into school, but it’s exciting to know that I have hopes of being gainfully employed.

So, over-committing is exhausting, but it has been so much fun and I’m meeting some really cool people doing things I didn’t even realize was possible with their law degree. I think I”m doing pretty well in class…wait, no not in class, because I am such a god damned train wreck when called on, but I test well. I get to wrap my good grades around me like a heated blanket while I stammer my way through every cold call.

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Random Law School Moment #409.26.13

I just got home from a law school event. And the boyfriend is not home. And I just realized, we’ve been living separate lives. It’s not a complaint. It’s just what happens, and quite honestly, I’m just very very glad he has (our) friends to hang out with when I’m at one of my many law school functions. Because there are a lot of them. And too many more to come.

He is such a law school widow. It’s kind of awful when you only wish that they have a support group so they don’t resent you so much.

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Random Law School Moment #309.19.13

If you don’t get something in your reading, even if it’s one little thing, even if you thought the class will enlighten you on it, figure it out before class. Because, oh my god, was that ever embarrassing when you have to admit in front of the whole class that you did not know that one thing. I was still blushing two hours later. In my own home. Luckily I actually prepared, like actually typed out notes based on my reading, so it all was flowing well and it was a very small part of what I was asked to answer. But let’s never let that happen again.

If I was feeling a little pale from recent pint of blood donated, that is no longer the case, the blood is all up in my face.

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Random Law Shool Moment09.10.13

I had to look up another case and quickly read through it for background information. Then went back to reading my original case.

After a moment, I realize, I totally understood that other case. Then two thoughts popped into my head:

  1. Yes, I totally got that! I’m getting better as a lawyer.
  2. Did I only get that one case because it was extremely well written and done more recently?


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Week Two Over09.08.13

I was obviously delirious on my last post. It was truly a rough week because I did not get ahead. I’m not making that same mistake this week.

Week One was a lot of “What’s Going On!?” I thought I got the hang of this after taking summer class, why do I feel like I’m starting back at square 1?

Week Two was a lot of, meet this club and that club and say hi to everyone, and wow there was very little free time. And did I mention I didn’t read ahead, so staying on pace ended being a lot of prayers of “please don’t call on me, please don’t call on me.”

Did I mention I’ve been checking my grade, over and over…like I still don’t believe I could do well in law school? It’s not me to be this insecure. I don’t usually worry if I’m good enough, I usually think that I’m all that and a bag of chips (don’t worry, I think you are pretty amazing too). It’s just that law school has a way of making someone feel dumb. And from talking to my 3L TA, she said that feeling never really goes away. Yay, I was starting to worry that my over-inflated ego wouldn’t fit in my over-priced suits, and I can’t even afford a new toothbrush at this point. So, worry no more.

I’m currently trying to find the perfect study guide for my classes. Last quarter, I started understanding my class and cases after I figured out how to use my study guide, I’m hoping I can do the same for this quarter, but it has been tough just trying to figure out what each professor wants first.

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Breathe Again08.28.13

Fall semester just started on Monday. I don’t know where my two and a half weeks of break went. I had all these grand plans for it, and then it was over.

I did pick up all sorts of new PADI scuba diving certification though. I got my drysuit certification, got advance certification, and will be picking up my deep dive certification in another dive.

But I don’t want to talk about diving.

I want to talk about my ONE four hours final. I studied my ass off for that but I did take a day off to goof around. I thought I knew the materials very very well, better than well. Then the final  day happened and the four hours felt like a very short blur. I came away from that feeling like I failed it miserably. Like I probably got a “C” and I regretted taking that one day off.

One of my study buddy walked out of the final saying, “Somebody better get me a lawyer because I killed it.” He was trying to get us to stop being so serious when it was time to celebrate. Then he told me, out of everyone I seem to know my material the best, so I really shouldn’t worry, but ugh…it really was such a quick haze, I was feeling a little ill.

Around 13 of us gathered that night to get completely shitfaced. I wanted to be full of hangover and regrets the next day and it actually felt good the next day to be hungover.

Throughout my break, whenever I typed in my student login code to check if grades were out, I felt like I was about to get kicked in the gut. I braced myself. I’ve been bracing myself since I walked out of my final 22 days ago.

Then yesterday in class, we got an email saying grades were released. One of my dear classmate, logged on and shouted to us that she got an “A”. Now we were warned multiple times that we should never discuss grades because it’s bad etiquette. And now I know why. Because for a moment it made me feel angry at her, there goes one of the limited “A’s” the instructor got to hand out.

That made me feel really shitty about myself, because I’ve prided myself in not getting competitive. This gal sat next to me last semester. I’ve always tried to answer any questions she had, and I’ve even sent her pages and pages of my notes when I thought it would help her. I did the same for many of my classmates. I wanted everyone to do well. This is why we are discouraged from talking about grades.

I waited till I got home and for Drew to leave the room before I logged on and clicked on the link. And somehow, I saw an “A”. I logged out and back in, just in case something went wrong. Then I had Drew come look at it for me. Like was that an “A” grade or A for Asshole? After he confirmed the grade, I started jumping around the room like an idiot. This is why we were warned against checking our grades in front of classmates, because it’s quite possible that A is for Assholes when you jump around like a classless asshat with unadulterated joy.

Somewhere in that jump, I felt like my lungs were expanding and contracting normally again and that I stopped bracing for the pain to come down. First time in three weeks.

Every new professor has warned us again taking our grades so seriously because it should not define us. I know this. But it’s so hard to not label ourselves with our grades. We as first years know our grades will determine if we get certain internship or clerkship. My grade determines if I will continue to receive whatever scholarship my school gave me.


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Where Did It Go?08.02.13

And summer semester is over. I don’t know how in week 3 it feels like each week was soooo long because we crammed so much stuff in our brains but then we blinked and it’s gone.

The last couple days were emotionally charged, people were snippy, more girls cried, and everyone could use more sleep.

I feel like I figured out a good study pattern for myself a little too late. Everything fell in place around mid-week of Week 6. And I became the stellar participating student only for the last week and a half. Prior to that, I was always wondering what the fuck was going on and how did everyone else have the answers that I don’t, and I would spend some six to eight hours briefing each night.

Briefing. Wow. There is nothing more soul crushing than spending a couple hours to brief for a case that the professor glossed over for a few minutes and I now know is not even going to be covered on the test anyhow.

Four days until finals. I have sitting before me, cupcakes because I deserve them. I live half a block away from this fancy cupcake shoppe (I’m calling it “shoppe” because it’s that fancy) and I’ve been resisting the sweet beckoning all summer because I have not been exercising enough since school started. Now that it’s the home stretch, I’m saving my allotted bank of willpower for studying.

Last week, I sat down on my couch and thought, wow, this couch is nice. When was the last time I sat on this couch? And I honestly could not remember. Three weeks ago maybe? Law school.

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