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It’s the Little Things04.27.11

During class one day, Steven pointed at a box of #2 pencils a student had out and said, “Those are some nice pencils.” He goes on to tell us, it’s not that he’s trying to get us to spend a bunch of money on pencils or anything, but having quality pencils is nice. With better quality pencils, the writings are easier to erase. The real LSAT booklet is printed on cheap newsprint-like paper, so it’s a good idea to be gentle with the pages. Another thing nice pencils have is a good eraser. I was sold.

I bought a pack of nice pencils at the U Bookstore. While I was at it, I picked up a good pencil sharpener.  The pencils weren’t even that much more expensive. Pencils were cheap. Paying two/three times more for pencils would not break the bank.

Looking at my old #2 pencils, I don’t even know how old they are.  The exposed wood is all brown and grubby, and I see bite marks on them which indicates carbon dating back to high school. I bite pencils in high school, pen caps are not safe either. I sharpen new and old pencils to do a compare.  There isn’t a noticeable difference when it comes to which pencil’s writing is harder to remove. When it comes to eraser however, there really is no comparison. New pencil’s eraser actually erase things.  Old pencil’s eraser pushes smudges around the paper. I remember not trusting wood pencil’s eraser because of that old thing, and having to always carry a separate eraser.

Is this the very best pencil out there? No, I’m sure there are better, but this serves me very well. Is it really worth dedicating an entire post to pencils of all things? Yes, because I do love my new pencils very much. I like that the eraser does erasery-things. I like that I don’t have to fish around for my click eraser when I’m studying on the couch. Sitting on it again? Yes. And lastly, I like that the pencil is all dressed in fashionable black.

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